Whiplash Treatment with our Bozeman Chiropractor

When you get into an accident, you want to seek treatment for the injuries. A common injury associated with accidents on the road or at work is whiplash. By understanding the injury and its potential impact on your health, you can seek treatment to address your concerns.

Whiplash is an injury to your neck due to the sudden forward and backward motion of your head. It can occur in any accident or when your body suddenly stops. It usually occurs due to a sudden change in your body’s motion from stopping during a car accident or a similar situation. For whiplash treatment, get in touch with our chiropractor.

Why Treat the Condition?

The reason you want to treat the condition is that it may worsen without proper care. Since the injury happens in your neck, it may cause tension and discomfort. In some situations, it also causes headaches, migraines and insomnia. By treating the injury early, you prevent it from getting worse and you address the underlying cause of your discomfort.

Chiropractic Whiplash Treatment

Chiropractic care for whiplash treatment depends on the severity of your injuries. In our clinic, we may recommend an adjustment to your neck and spine. We also teach you corrective exercises to help reduce the discomfort while your neck heals. Our corrective exercises focus on helping strengthen your neck and back muscles while also reducing the risk of further injuries.

When to Seek Chiropractic Care

As a general rule, you want to seek chiropractic care for whiplash injuries as soon as you notice the discomfort or when you get into an accident. Do not wait if you were involved in a car accident or were injured while playing a sport. Allowing the injury to worsen will cause severe discomfort and pain.

If you notice symptoms of whiplash, then you also want to seek treatment. In most cases, you will notice neck pain and shoulder tension. It may also cause severe headaches and migraines. In some cases, you may have difficulty sleeping or difficulty concentrating due to the injuries. Do not wait to seek treatment if you suspect whiplash or have neck pain. Whiplash treatment starts with identifying the injury, since it may not cause obvious symptoms until a few hours or even days after the accident.

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When you get into an auto accident, it may injury your neck, back and shoulders. You want to seek treatment for the injuries before they worsen and cause complications in your life.

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