Neck Pain Treatment at Blue Apple Walk In Chiropractic

When the simple act of turning your head one way or the other becomes an act of torture, your quality of life is in serious trouble. Acute or chronic neck pain can put severe constraints on your ability to perform even the simplest tasks or get any enjoyment out of your everyday life. The good news is that Blue Apple Walk In Chiropractic offers non-surgical neck pain treatment to help this important part of your body feel and function as it should.

The Cause of Your Neck Pain

When many people think of neck pain, the first image that comes to mind is whiplash. This acute form of neck injury is the result of the head flying back and forth at high speed, typically in an auto accident. The combination of displaced cervical vertebral joints, strained soft tissues, and herniated discs that pinch local nerves can cause severe pain and stiffness.

But what if you haven’t suffered an accident? Many types of neck pain are of a more chronic, slow-growing nature — but that doesn’t make them any less unpleasant. Some causes, such as disc deterioration that strains the intervertebral joints or bone spurs that intrude on nerve roots, are common age-related problems. Repetitive motion injuries in your chosen sport or job can also cause chronic neck pain. Mobile device users who habitually droop their heads even develop an occupational strain called “text neck.”

Chiropractic Care and Other Natural Neck Pain Treatment Methods

The first step toward making your neck feel better is discovering exactly what’s gone wrong with it. Our experienced team can take X-rays, discuss your symptoms, and look up your medical history to pinpoint your neck pain issue. If we see a vertebral misalignment in the cervical spine, we can administer chiropractic adjustments that bring the joints back into proper operational position. (Simply correcting the angle of your head on your spine may ease chronic neck muscle strain.) Chiropractic adjustments can also guide structures away from nerve tissue, relieving neurological pain.

Your neck problem may also respond well to our other therapeutic measures. Massage therapy can soothe tight neck muscles and promote more rapid soft tissue repair. Corrective exercises can then train and strengthen your neck muscles; while lifestyle changes help you sidestep future neck pain problems.

Give Your Neck What It Needs, Contact Our Clinic Today

Rest assured that there are answers to your neck pain that don’t involve surgery or drugs, Call Blue Apple Walk In Chiropractic at our Bismarck, Bozeman, or Fargo clinic to get your neck evaluated and treated the natural way!