Pain in your back can be debilitating, causing you to give up activities you love, and it can even prevent you from completing everyday tasks. Whether you’re experiencing back pain for the first time or you’ve been suffering with a chronic condition for years, back pain treatment from Blue Apple Chiropractic will help you find relief and restore your quality of life.

Back Pain Causes

The patients we see for back pain treatment cover a wide range in terms of the precise nature of their condition and in the way it developed. For instance, some back pain is the result of an acute injury, while other problems develop slowly over time due to poor posture or the stress of repetitive movements. Diseases like osteoarthritis and scoliosis also can cause back pain, and we provide treatment for these as well.

Particularly in the case of acute injuries, the specific symptoms you’re experiencing are often the result of a subluxation of the spine, or a slipped, herniated or bulging disc. These are some of the most common conditions we treat, and they respond very well to chiropractic adjustments. Pinched nerves and soft tissue injuries are often causes of back pain also, as are skeletal irregularities and arthritis.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Back Pain

In order to put together a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, our chiropractor will complete a thorough physical exam on your first visit. We’ll test your reflexes, strength, and range of motion, and we’ll also discuss your medical history with you. All of this information will help us determine the precise nature of your injury so that we can provide the appropriate back pain treatment plan.

You’ll likely receive a spinal manipulation treatment on your first visit as well. This will help to restore proper alignment of your spine, which in turn can remove some of the stress on the injured area. That helps to reduce inflammation and works to promote your body’s natural healing processes, all of which reduces your pain and speeds your recovery.

Ongoing maintenance adjustments will likely be part of your back pain treatment plan as well, and we’ll discuss with you how often you should come back to receive them. In addition to these in-office treatments, we’ll teach you some exercises you can do on your own at home to help build strength and flexibility so that you’re less likely to reinjure yourself.

Benefits of Chiropractic Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic back pain treatment is non-invasive and does not rely on prescription pain medications to produce results. Unlike these more conventional approaches, chiropractic adjustments relieve symptoms by correcting the underlying cause of your symptoms rather than just masking the pain, and that allows for a quicker and more complete recovery.
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