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Common Causes of Neck Pain

There are a few common reasons for persistent neck pain. The main two are sudden injuries and improper posture. Here are some examples of neck problems that can cause you to need chiropractic care.


Commonly caused by auto accidents, whiplash happens when your head is forced forward and back by an impact. It can also happen from other accidents, fights, and even by whipping your own head around too quickly or harshly.

Usually, the immediate cause of pain is sprains and strains in the neck’s connective tissue. However, the force that causes whiplash can also cause your vertebrae to be knocked out of alignment, and this causes persistent pain and other difficulties. Your chiropractor can correct this problem to speed healing and reduce pain.

Text Neck

The posture often used for texting while on the go involves trying to stand up straight while bending your head down at a sharp angle. Over time, this causes the vertebrae in your neck to take on a rearward bend. Since this is the opposite of how your neck is supposed to go, and you aren’t changing your stance often enough, your neck becomes stiff and painful. The rest of your body may also experience pain since the spine in your torso will also bend against its natural form in an attempt to compensate.

For this problem, your chiropractor will perform a series of spinal adjustments and advise you on ways to improve your texting posture.

Other Neck Problems

Many other postural problems and injuries can lead to neck pain. These types of injuries often occur when you were doing something you normally wouldn’t, such as spring yard work or household repairs. However, they can also happen when your occupation requires you to make certain motions that are unnatural to do. Either way, your chiropractor can help you get back into your proper form.

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